Chennai Property Tax Online Payment Calculate Rate Track Status [UPDATED]

By | August 3, 2019

Greatest Chennai Corporation is one of oldest public institutions in India established on 29th of September 1688. Parliamentary Act of 1792 gives this corporation power to levy municipal on properties within city. This municipality is entrusted with regulation, management, and collection of property and collection of property tax in Chennai. Property tax is imposed on every building and vacant lands unless exclusively exempted. In this article a guide of paying property taxes in Chennai.


Property tax is a recurring charge that has to be paid by homeowners annually. However, tax amount for property varies from one location to another. Owners of residential properties are liable to pay property tax to Greater Chennai Corporation every year. Municipality uses these funds collected as property tax to provide critical civic facilities and services. In Chennai, paying property taxes is a simple and hassle-free process. Online portal offers taxpayers of Chennai with facility to calculate their pending taxes to be paid and enables them to make necessary payments online. Chennai Municipal Corporation is divided into 15 zones.

As per regulation, Great Chennai Corporation adopts Reasonable Letting Value (RLV) to estimate an Annual Rental Value (ARV) this is used to calculate half-yearly tax for property that is situated within Chennai’s prescribed corporation limits.

Plinth area

Basic rate of street in which property is situated.

Usage of building (residential or non-residential).

Nature of occupancy (owner or tenant).

Age of building

Chennai Property Tax Calculation

Plinth Area x Basic Rate per Sq. Ft. (assuming that plinth Area = 100 Sq .Ft. and Basic Rate per Sq. Ft.= INR 1,00) Monthly Rental Value = INR 100 per month
Annual Rental Value = INR 100 x (12 month) – 10% for Land. Annual value just for building INR = 1,200 – INR 120 = INR 1,800
10% on depreciation for building including repairs and maintenance Rs.108 (10% of INR 1,080)
Depreciation Value of building INR 1,080 – INR 108 = INR 972
10% for value of land INR 120 (10% of INR 1,200)
Amount value for land and building INR 972 + INR 120 = INR 1,092

Following table indicates half-yearly property tax for any property.

Annual Value Half year tax (as a percentage of Annual Value
  General Tax Education Tax Total Library Cess
INR 1,00 to INR 500 3.75% 2.50% 6.25% 0.37%
INR 501 to INR 1,000 6.65% 2.50% 9.25% 0.67%
INR 1,001 to INR 5,000 7.75% 2.50% 10.25% 0.77%
INR 5,001 to INR above 9.00% 2.50% 11.50% 0.90%

20% rebate over Monthly Rental Value is offered for semi-permanent buildings that are tiled, thatched, and so on. Only exception is for buildings with terrace roofing.

10% Library Cess is calculated as 10% of General Tax of Property Tax.

25% rebate over Monthly Rental Value is offered for owner-occupied residential buildings.

1% depreciation is also offered annually for buildings more than 4 years old. Maximum rebate offered under this situation is 25%.

A 10% rebate over Monthly Rental Value is offered for owner-occupied commercial properties.

Chennai Property Tax Online Payment Process

  1. Visit official website of Greater Chennai Corporation.
  2. On very left there will be a quick-link to guide you through Greater Chennai Corporation website. Click on Online “Civic Services”.
  3. On next page, click on option of Property Tax and proceed to next page.
  4. From various option concerning property tax in Chennai, click on option of “Property Tax Online Payment”.
  5. Enter information that page required. This variable can also find on invoice you received for paying property tax for same property in past.
  6. Then click on “submit” icon. After doing this next page will be open where your outstanding payable amount is indicated in screen section.
  7. Select period for which you want to pay tax, click on Pay Online tab.
  8. Select amount you wish to pay. Select your preferred payment method and click on “Submit” icon.
  9. After all, you will receive SMS notification indicating that your payment has been successfully cleared.

Due Date and Penalty

due date for payment of property taxes in city of Chennai is 31st of March and 31st of September, every year. This dead line only applies in state of Chennai. Other state has other dead link to pay property tax.

Penalty for delayed payment of property taxes is 1% of total tax amount to be paid. This would increase by 1% for every month past due date. In other state property tax will increase in some cases only

Exemptions and Concessions

Corporation of Greater Chennai is municipality body that deals with regulation and collection of property tax in city of Chennai. Property Tax is laid on every building, regardless of being vacant lands and buildings, unless specifically exempted from paying taxes. Most properties owned by Central Government and premises occupied by any foreign mission, such as an embassy, are exempted from paying any taxes. However, as of 2018, exemptions that previously existed for private education institutions were taken down.

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