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By | July 23, 2019

Property Tax is a major source of income to state Governments and tax is collected from resident of state. Every property is an asset under taxation umbrella, this means property or house owner have to pay tax in annual basis of every year to state Government. Collected fund will be used to provide important civic amenities and services. Property tax may be differs from one place to another place and one Government to other Government. Taxation prices may be confirmed on government policies and it has to pay to state Government through Municipal corporations.

How to Pay Kolkata Property tax: –

property tax will be paid by property owner and in previous days payments will be done at municipal corporation offices by standing in a queue within office time only whether queue may be small or long and process will goes continuously day to day, which is an offline process but in year 2010 Government of Kolkata has made payment of property tax easy by introducing web portal and web portal provides all details of tax payers from which from public may able to deposit taxes without any inconvenience. Property holders can also calculate property tax through self-assessment formula known as Unit Area Assessment.

Citizen can pay all types of property tax such as PD Bill, F/S Bill, LOI. PD bill stands for periodic Demand bill which are issued on annual base. F/S bill stands for Fresh – Supplementary, which issued on immediately after hearing to reflect any changes to earlier issued bills. LOI stands for Letter of Intimation issued for unpaid bills or against outstanding tax bills with some penalty.

Kolkata Property tax through online payment process: –

Citizens of Kolkata can pay property tax in both online and offline modes. Let us discuss online payment mode of property tax.

To pay property tax in online mode citizen need to visit official website of Kolkata Municipal Corporation i.e. www.kmcgov.in

Web page having all services of Kolkata Government in which you have to select Online Services Tap on left side menu bar.

Now another options drop down list open from these you have to select Assessment Collection option.

There a web page open of in detailed content of property tax, where at left menu you have to select make online payment again three options will appears

  1. Current PD
  2. Fresh – Supplementary
  3. Outstanding LOI

Select relevant option from above three choices and web page redirected to your selected option.

Now enter assessment number of property tax and contact number which are mandatory. You can also get details through mail ID, this will enter in same link page which is an optional.

Now you can search payable amount is exactly correct to hard copy or any changes, if it is same then just click on pay option.

Kolkata Property Tax Online Payment options: –

After selecting payment option there will be options of selecting cards either Debit/ Credit card. If already payment has done for previous bills then automatically payment details will be fetched and submit payment,

Take print out of property tax bill after payment completion for future references.

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