Telangana Agriculture land Value Certificate Application Check Status

By | August 2, 2019

Telangana Agriculture land value certificate is a document that verifies land at a particular time. Government of Telangana has fixed rate on land property in state from time to time. Property registration charge and stamp duty will be calculated based on a unit rate of land maintained by Telangana of government. Markey value will be re-examined periodically as per market value and fair value. Telangana agriculture land value certificated contains value of land as per current market rate of land in a particular area at time.

Uses of Telangana Agriculture Land Value Certificate

Agriculture land value certificate is used in many places but more than crop loans. Some of certificates are given below:

  • Land value certificate documents to obtain property loans from bank.
  • This certificate is used to increase credit limit of loans.
  • If someone wants to enroll himself as a contractor, a land valuation certificate is a mandatory document.
  • For surety purpose at time of applying for a loan, this certificate can be furnished
  • This certificate is also helpful at time of applying for a visa.
  • attribute in Telangana Agriculture Land Value Certificate
  • This certificate is an important document to get property description details recorded in registration of property.
  • This certificate provides details regarding unit rate of land as on date.
  • certificate also furnished year of valuation certificate for every 3 to 5 years

Unit Rate of Agriculture Land

Fair value or unit rate of agriculture land is calculated and notified by Telangana government. Rate is evaluated based on importance of a plot, type of road, road access and nature of land. In state of Telangana unit rate of land can be check through Telangana Government Registration & Stamp Department web page.

Access home page for obtaining unit rate of land. Select land as agriculture land. By selecting this you will get agriculture rate. Select concerned district, Mandal and village option from drop-down menu. Link will be redirected to new page. On next page, unit rate of agriculture land in Telangana will be displayed. unit rate of land in survey number wise details can also be obtained by providing survey number.

Documents Required

  1. Agriculture land value certificate application form
  2. Copy of registration documents
  3. Copy of patted passbook
  4. Copy of title deed
  5. Copy of Encumbrance certificate issue by sub-registrar on date mention on it.

Prescribed Authority

Concerned authority for issuing Telangana agriculture land value certificate is Tahasildar.

Processing Period

Time required for complete process of issuing Telangana agriculture land value certificate after submission of application form is 30 days.

Required Service Charges

Required charges for land certificate is Rs 35/- applicant need to provide Rs.33/- for post. If applicant is non-locality applicant then addition amount Rs.16/- has to pay.

Application Agriculture Land Value certificate through MeeSeva Franchises:

Step 1: Access nearest MeeSeva franchise for applying land certificate

Step 2: Need to submit an application in prescribed form for a certificate at MeeSeva Franchise. Details have to mention on fill blanks.

Step 3: Submit all supporting documents (as mention in application form) to MeeSeva Franchise, service operator.

Step 4: Applicant needs to pay amount for processing of certificate. After making payment request for certificate will be forward online to concerned authority

Step 5: concerned authority, i.e. Tahsildar will process this certificate online after successful verification component authority will approve this certificate request.

Step 6: Application statue for request will update you through SMS.

Step 7: once request accepts, an SMS will get on registration number.

Get Agriculture Land Value Certificate

Once Tasildar approves request, certificate will dispatch through courier from MeeSeva franchise to applicant’s address.

If delivery type is manual, then applicant can collect certificate from MeeSeva franchise where you have applied for certificate. This certificate will use for all-purpose as mentioned earlier.

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