Telangana DDO request Employee Salary Bill Download & Enroll Employee Details

By | July 24, 2019

To do financial transaction of Government Department employee, Government of Telangana state has introduce a new website regarding Telangana Employee Salary bill service. Online web portal is linked to treasury department of Telangana state only.  From there employees of Telangana state can get salary in monthly basis.

Employee can get salary bill and pay bill from this online portal and website is accessible under D.D.O department of Telangana state, DDO submit employee salary bill by entering code and password through web portal only. Official website of DDO treasury for salary bill transaction is  Employees can prepare or Download, print salary bills/ pay bills of any month and year by knowing DDO ID and password and entering credentials in official web portal.

How to prepare/ Download Telangana DDO Request for  salary Bills: –

To prepare or Download salary bills/ pay bills below steps should follow to generate bills of any month and year. Preparation will be done by using credentials and through official website.

All employee of Telangana Government has to visit official website of TS treasury department

A home page will open in which you need to enter 11 digits of DDO code which is providing by Telangana treasury department.

Now enter secret password along DDO code and select submit button to get salary package details. Now will redirect to other web page.

There will be a “pay bill” option at left side of web page select it and then you will get a sub- list in that select “Pay bill preparation” option.

Now select bill ID, bill month and year and select “proceed “ then a popup window will comes at top so, allow it to continue process.

If employee is eligible to increment then employee has select “tick mark” in check box and continue by pressing “Next” button. Select your desired month and year for to complete bill preparation.

After preparing pay bills you have click on DDO bill submission menu by selecting from number and head of account.

Take printout using report links which are provided in menu of official website.


DDO request code is used to login to website by using password to get salary bill or to know fully details of salary of an employee. DDO code is provided by cyber Treasury department of Telangana state. DDO code will be having 11 digits in which first code digits will refers Mandal, second four digits from codes refer Departmental Code and last three digits refers DDO office in Mandal.

How to enroll employee details: –

Every employee of Telangana Government has to enroll details in website of Telangana cyber Treasury to get salary as well as salary bills also. So, every Telangana employee has employee id seven digits which were assigned by concern district treasury department for salary purpose only. DDO should enroll in treasury website payroll package software. In order to deduct subscriptions and loan amounts pay details of employee should be enroll in website by using service register of individual or last pay certificate, ZPPFM TSGLI, GIS, PT, GPS, ZPPF LOAN, and TSGLI LOAN.

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